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About Me

Hi! I am Rosemary Xu. Welcome to my travel blog, where I share my travel stories along with insider tips for my favorite destinations around the globe.

Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller.


Travel has been an integral part of me since I was young. My favorite thing to do growing up was going somewhere new or revisiting good old places during school break. Countless memorable moments were created during my travels. However, not all of them are sweet, but they are all cherished in the bottom of my heart. I guess this is the meaning of travel, to embrace and reflect on what you have been through, to take them all in. With that being said, my blog is not simply showing you the fun and laugh I had nor the less-favorable situations I encountered. This is a place where I tell stories from many aspects of my travels.

Some people travel for pleasure, some people travel to find their meaning of life, but I travel for palate sensation–food is my travel inspiration. Now you know that I am a foodie, you won’t be surprised by how many restaurants I recommend in just a one-day trip. Anyways, food is LIFE.

In the past, I often shared my travel diary on Instagram and kindly writing guides for my friends per request, but I’m thrilled to finally launch a travel blog where I can record my explorations meanwhile inspiring others to go find their meaning of travel and tell their stories. Feel free to use my blogs as your destination guide. They might not be comprehensive, but they are all #rosemaryapproved or #rosemaryhated.

Lastly, don’t be surprised by my wide range of choice. It could go anywhere from an eight people bunk-bed room at a hostel to a 947 square foot skyline suite at a luxury hotel.



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