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Wuhan Destination Guide

Wuhan is a popular travel destination within China. It is the breakfast heaven which offers more than 700 types of breakfast dishes; it is one of the best places in the world to see cherry blossom; it is also a city full of history and culture. However, the city of Wuhan has recently gained international attention due to COVID-19 outbreak, the world barely knows the beauty of it.

In this destination guide–Wuhan Different Everyday, I’ll show you the six must visit places including natural scenery, landmark, historical site and my favorite restaurant. I’ll also tell you all about Wuhan’s breakfast culture, the history behind it, top 3 breakfast dishes, and teach you how to recreate the famous Hot Dry Noodles at home. In addition, I made a mini cherry blossom guide, providing brief yet sufficient information on the phases of cherry blossom and the best places to enjoy the blossom in Wuhan. Lastly, I made a one minute Mandarin 101 for you if you don’t know any Mandarin. The one minute tutorial has five survival Chinese sentences for your travel to China.

If you have been to Wuhan before, please feel free to comment on your favorite spot and breakfast!

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