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Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Is Marina Bay Sands Hotel the ultimate place to stay when visiting Singapore? I guess not. My experience at MBS was not quite satisfying from the start. The whole check-in process took an hour as there were hundreds of guests waiting in line. Does this remind anyone of check-in lines at hotels in Vegas? You may wonder why there were so many people checking in at a hotel during a pandemic. Well, many local people were having their staycations since traveling abroad was not an option during COVID. MBS is apparently one of the most popular places for staycations.

As much as I wanted to complain about the long wait, I had to deal with the reality. However, the fact that the front desk staff couldn’t understand that I did not need to quarantine as I’ve done it days ago leave me a negative impression of the quality of customer service here. I handed in all my paperworks and proof and repeatedly told them that I did not need to be quarantined. Finally, after I repeated myself the third time, they finally heard me right and I could finally go up to my room.

The room is old. I’m a person who does not care about the interior design much, but the style still disappoints me. The linens look like they went through some really bad experiences. Even motels have better looking and gentler feel linens than the one I had, unfortunately. The mattress is stiff, which triggered my back pain after the first night. Luckily I only booked for two night.

Despite the room is nothing like I expected the most famous hotel in SG would have, I really like the hotel’s effort on safety and hygiene for all of its guest. All towels are sealed in individual packages! This is amazing! Another highlight in the bathroom is the leopard print packaging of the toiletries they offer. I’m a leopard print mania if you don’t already know.

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