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Grand Hyatt Haitang Bay, Sanya

My two nights at Grand Hyatt were interrupted by a monsoon. Upon checking in, the receptionist handed me a letter informing me about a monsoon coming for the next couple of days. All outdoor facilities would be closed and the reopening would be on further notice…Wow, I picked the best time to experience a hotel…room.

Although the monsoon limited my time at the beach, I did have an awesome experience here and I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

Some highlights:

  1. The room is huuuuge and it comes with a spacious patio, a perfect place for me to relax and zone out.
  2. The service is amazing. As a loyal customer of Marriott for years, I gotta say that Hyatt does a much better job and the quality of service is consistent across cities in China.
  3. The breakfast buffet is phenomenal. Words can describe it. I usually skip breakfast for more sleep, but that I made it to every breakfast during my stay there says something about it.
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