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Enjoy Your In-Air Food Journey and Amazing Privacy on Japan Airlines

My first international flight in 2020 was from Tokyo (NRT) to Los Angeles (LAX) with Japan Airlines (JAL). I had one of the best flying experiences with Japan Airlines’ business class-Sky Suite this time, and I would like to share with you my honest opinion and recommendation in the following content. GET EXCITED!

All about food!

As a foodie, I have high expectations on airline food especially if I am flying business class, so I boarded the flight with a heart full of excitement for the deliciousness.

I was greeted and offered a welcome drink once I seated. Then I dived right into the menu. BEDD is the food menu which was created by a group of highly skilled chefs in Japan.


For my flight, I had the options to choose either Japanese or Western cuisine. My Asian appetite urged me to pick the Japanese one. I also ordered a Kiwi Juice, JAL’s signature soft drink.

Japanese and Western options

My Kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese meal) food adventure started from the Sakizuke (bite-size appetizers like amuse-bouche). On the left of the picture is Jellyfish and Cucumber in Sesame Vinegar Dressing; On the right is Cod Brandade & Flan. The jellyfish was so chewy and the cucumber added some freshness to the taste; vinegar’s acidic taste covered the subtle fishy smell from jellyfish, combined perfectly with the creamy aromatic sesame dressing.


Wait…Did the flight attendant just bring me a gift box? Let’s see what’s in there (Click the arrow on the right to open the box)!

It’s a bento box which included the following items (ordered from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Tofu Skin & Crabmeat in Wasabi Flavored Soy Starchy Sauce
  • Poached Mustard, Garland Chrysanthemum & Mushroom in Japanese Broth with Salmon Roe
  • Simmered Assorted Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce
  • Bechamel Sauce & Caviar, Grilled Shrimp, Salmon, and Japanese Omelette Roll

My favorite was the Grilled Shrimp. It was served cold, but the bread crumbs on the outside was still crunchy. The meat was juicy and well-marinated. Loved it!

As I was expecting fruit and dessert to finish off a good meal, the flight attendant brought over another tray of food. OMG. I thought the bento box was the main course, but this was the ACTUAL main dish!

Main couse

The main course came with Marinated Chicken with Tartar Sauce, Yellowtail Teriyaki, white rice, miso soup, and Japanese pickle. An awesome combination for meat lover! Everything was served in Japanese porcelain wares. I was 101% full after the main course, but I always have a second stomach for dessert!

This Black Sesame Pudding has a smooth texture, and it melts right into your mouth. It’s medium-sweet, with a pleasant hint of bitterness. The sweet taste comes from the brown sugar sauce at the bottom.


The flight was a bit less than 10 hours, so only one full meal was served. However, JAL provides a variety of snacks for you to enjoy at anytime. Indulge yourself with some snack while watching a movie.

A LOT of items on Anytime You Wish

Overall, the food was exceptional. I loved the flavor, selection of sauce, and food presentation.

Cabin & Seat

The Sky Suite has a 2-2-2 configuration. I pre-selected a window seat, which is also the seat that has the most privacy. You get a private entry compare to the aisle seat. Want some more privacy? Simply lift up the retractable privacy partition.

Wide view of the seat

The following picture from JAL’s website gives you a better idea of the partition. When it is lifted, it feels like you are in a private cabin.

Retractable Privacy Partition

The blanket, pillow, amenity kit, slippers, and headphones were all on the seat, ready to use.

My seat, 12K, window seat

The seat is spacious with plenty of leg room. There are also more than enough space for your stuff under the ottoman.

Plenty leg room

The seat can recline into a relax position and a bed position as shown in the seat control panel. The reading light is located near the seat headrest. You can twist its angle adjust its brightness on the seat control. A 23-inch LCD screen and a retractable remote control are equipped.


JAL’s amenity kit is provided by Masion Kitsune, a Parisian contemporary clothing brand. I particularly like the bag’s design and all the goodies inside. It has toothbrush set, eye mask, ear plugs, and lipstick, all of which can be found in a typical amenity kit. However, JAL also offers you packet tissue and a moisture face mask! How thoughtful is that! Special thanks to the moisture face mask, I had a good six hours of sleep and did not wake up feeling my face and mouth were dry.

Bottom line

Besides amazing food, spacious seat, and a lot privacy, JAL also has top customer service from ticketing to landing, great airport lounge, and convenient transfer experience at both Narita and Haneda airpot. Based on my wonderful experience with JAL’s Sky Suite, I would strongly recommend you to take JAl, especially if you are flying to Japan/Asia or coming back to the states from Japan/Asia. No matter you are a flight guru or just searching to see how to make the best out of your ticket fare, JAL’s Sky Suite will leave you and your appetite satisfied.

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